The butchershop Art Concept

Art by the slice is my concept of cut up art. It’s in the pity of it that we find crisis. We are forced to cut up the artwork to sell it, and like at a butcher’s shop, the first to be served will get the best pieces. The left overs are no longer of interest to me as work. They are ‘spoiled’, in part because they've been cut-up but also because they've been damaged by promotional tags and sale labels.

The repetition of symbols, of objects and of colors makes us think more of a promotional sale rack at a large retailer than of art as we conceive it.

Having a piece of the work conveys the message of a crisis that frustrates and divides us instead of unifying us.”


Since 2013 an art concept is borned

In 2012 i start to have a reflexion about actual art ! this funny and criticism concept about the actual art market was born in my mind. First piece named pile of bodies was show in fine art school of Versailles in a solo show. I named it in french "l'art a la coupe" like in the butchershop when you buy some meat by slice ... the translation in english will be "art by the slice" and the butchershop art concept was born !


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